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Why We Built Breeze

6 Years
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A note from Jon, our founder...

Hi there-

People frequently ask me why we bothered building Breeze.

It's a fair question. There's a lot of church management software available to churches; why build another one?

The problem was that the available options just didn't seem to fit most small and mid-sized churches. While powerful, the software out there was complex, often more suitable for engineers and IT departments.

This resulted in small and mid-sized churches (who don't have on-staff engineers or IT departments) feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of the software, severely limiting their ability to use it well.

And so I set out to build the most-insanely-easy-to-use church software imaginable, specifically aiming to serve small and mid-sized churches that need it to just work.

How We Got Started

My own background is ministry. I love the church, what God is doing through it, and the potential it has to change the world through Christ's love.

And so after college I went to Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and took a pastor position in the student ministry department of a mega church (Ada Bible Church). It was a great experience. I loved working with students and helping them find their Christ-centered identity amidst the awkward years of adolescence. I also happened to love software development and was doing freelance work on the side.

While on staff our church switched to an alternate church management system - one of the big companies out there that had all the bells and whistles.

It was fascinating to watch this transition - specifically how much frustration there was over the complexity and intricacies of the product. And it planted a thought in my mind...

If a church of 80 - 90 staff with all the resources a church could dream of is having this much trouble using church management software, how on earth does the typical 200, 400, or 600 person church ever navigate these waters?

In the end it ended up working, largely due to us having both an IT technician and a database professional on staff. And while this works for mega churches, staffing these positions just doesn't make sense for the typical small to mid-sized church.

And so after realizing that many small and mid-sized churches weren't being served well by the available options, I decided to start building Breeze.

Several years later it's an honor and a thrill to be able to serve so many churches, have an incredible team that is passionate about seeing churches succeed, and be able to provide a product that makes sense and is easy-to-use for small and mid-sized churches.

Give It a Try

I'd love to show you what we've built.

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